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In light of the recent rise in gas prices!

Tips for cutting gas usage: Use thermostatic radiator valves to reduce temperature in rooms that are not in use. Turn your thermostat down, even one degree can make a big difference. Use your time clock more efficiently so it’s not coming on too early or when you’re not home. Upgrade your controls to a smart thermostat, e.g. a Hive. Install thermostatic radiator valves if you don’t have any currently or they are not working. Turn the central heating temperature control know down on the front of the boiler. it should be set to approximately 70 but could turn down to around 65 without affecting performance too much. Take showers rather than baths, baths can use up to 5 x as much water as a shower. Make sure the preheat function for the hot water on the boiler is turned off.#Whichtrustedtraders #idealboilers #worcesterbosch